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Structured Knowledge

Contextualise is a simple but effective tool particularly suited for organising information-heavy projects and activities consisting of unstructured and widely diverse data and information resources — think of investigative journalism, personal and professional research projects, world building (for books, movies or computer games) and many kinds of hobbies.

Contextualise's main dependency is TopicDB, an open source topic maps-based graph store. Topic maps provide a way to describe complex relationships between abstract concepts and real-world (information) resources.

Next Step

To really be able to make the most of Contextualise it is important to understand the topic maps paradigm: topics, occurrences and associations (and to a lesser degree, scopes). In that respect, the next step in your Contextualise journey would be to read a quick introduction to topic maps.

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Knowledge graphs

The Knowledge Graphs topic map is highly relevant for this map, as well.

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